If your defective product was purchased within the past 6 months, you may qualify for a merchandise replacement. If you unintentionally damaged your device while removing it from the original packaging within 6 months of purchase, you may receive a one-time part replacement by covering our cost. Courtesy parts are not provided free of charge, but a 15% discount is provided.  This warranty does not accommodate liquid or physical damage incurred by inappropriate installation efforts on your part, or damage resulting from postage mishandling. 

When you remove your device from the original packaging, you breach the warranty benefits conferred by the original manufacturer. By removing your device from the original packaging, you voluntarily accept responsibility for your product, whether it is fully functional or not. Please do not confuse the guidelines for a warranty with that of insurance. Some warranty claims require the use of an RMA#, otherwise known as a merchandise authorization number.

You can select the preferred shipping method once you proceed through the checkout process. Our warranty does not accommodate the cost of shipping. We do, however, cover return shipping. Repair services are not provided. We accommodate the cost of return shipping, and returned products must be mailed within a time span of 7 business days in order to qualify for a refund. 

If you require additional assistance, please contact our customer service representatives at: (1300 722 843) or ([email protected]), you can also lodge a support ticket by clicking here.


If you are displeased with your merchandise, you may return your merchandise within 7 business days of receiving your replacement parts for a refund, minus any coupons or discounts. The items must be mailed in the condition that they arrive in, without any use or damage. In order to successfully return your item, you will need an RMA#, or a return merchandise authorization. If you would like to receive an RMA#, consult with our customer service representatives. Please do not return your package without this number. You must accommodate your own shipping fees.

Order Discrepancy

If you detect a discrepancy in your order, you must inform us within 7 days of receiving your order. All discrepancies are subject to an in depth investigation and resolution process. In some cases, you will be required to request an RMA#.

Lifetime Warranty

Merchandise must meet a stringent set of criteria in order to qualify for a lifetime warranty. This includes items that are deemed defective, items that gradually incur defects over a period of time, items that have been subject to manufacturing failures, along with everyday damage, wear and tear. The lifetime warranty excludes a number of other sources of damage, including negligent product use, natural disasters, or damage caused by liquid exposure. A customer service representative on our team must corroborate your damage claim with a visual verification. This is required to disburse the benefits of this warranty. If your devices stops functioning, you must physically present it at one of our locations for inspection and verification purposes. If you cannot present one of your items to a physical location because you bought it online, take a clear photo of it and email it to our online customer service team.

Product Part Damage During Shipping Process

If your product was damaged during the shipping process, or it shows visible signs of physical damage upon removing the packaging, please contact one of our customer service representatives immediately. Contact must be made within a period of 7 days from the time the item was delivered to you. If your item, was damaged, it will not qualify for a refund, but instead, a replacement within 7 days of being delivered to you. Provide a clear photograph of the damaged device and email it to one of our online customer service team members for more details about your shipment.

After a total of 7 days, the responsibility for your package will then be deferred to the company providing your postal service. After a period of 7 days, the only viable option will be to file a claim with your mail provider, to ensure a full reimbursement. All Australia Post packages are given $50 and $100 of insurance, respectively.

Lost Or Stolen Package

If your package is stolen or lost during shipping, we cannot assume responsibility. The responsibility is instead deferred to the postal service provider that you selected. We do not accommodate items that have been stolen or lost. If your order is missing, you may reorder the items online. If we locate the original merchandise that you ordered, we will provide a refund for any returned items that you ship back to us in the desired condition. For more information, feel free to speak to one of our customer service representatives. To learn more about your mail provider’s lost and stolen package policy, simply visit the Australia Post websites.

Shipping Fees and Reimbursed Cost

Cross shipping is provided for select cases. During the checkout process, you may select a shipping method. You must accommodate your own outgoing shipping fees without reimbursement for those fees. If you require return shipping, we will accommodate the cost for a shipping label, if you have a defective item or an order discrepancy. You must return replacements within a period of 7 days to qualify for a refund.

Changes In Policy

We may implement changes to our warranty program without advance notice, at any point in time.

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