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iPhone 5S / 5 Leather Wallet Case Valentinus

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The iPhone 5S / 5 Leather Wallet Case Valentinus combines the properties of both a sturdy case and a luxurious wallet. It's the perfect case for organizing your daily essentials. •100% handmade / genuine leather •Soft microfiber chamude interior •Card slots for storage of IDs, business cards, etc On the Inside The inside of the Valentinus Wallet is lined with microfiber chamude for better protection and a smooth touch. Matte Polycarbonate Case The portion of the Valentinus that holds the iPhone 5 is made from a tough polycarbonate material that's been processed for a matte look and provides a stable mounting frame that is easy to use. Card Storage / Additional Storage Space The Valentinus Wallet provides ample storage room for credit cards and business cards. The Valentinus wallet case also includes additional storage space for cash or miscellaneous items. *Phone must be removed from the left side plastic casing. Do not remove from right side as the leather may tear away from the plastic casing. *Cases with a flip cover may press down the Aluminum Home Button as the button raises the home button slightly. Aluminum Home Buttons used with GLAS.t Screen Protectors are compatible with flip cases.

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