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iPhone 5S Home Button Flex Cable

iPhone 5S Home Button Flex Cable

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The iPhone 5S Home Button Flex Cable can sometimes experience issues whereby it becomes unresponsive or damaged in some way or another.Therefore, replacements are usually required to restore your devices functionality and get you back on track with your daily smartphone requirements.As a result we offer a replacement home button flex cable which comes in two different variations with one being a ‘Grade A’ copy and the other, for an added premium, an original product.In addition, we also provide a complimentary set of replacement adhesive to ensure all your components are neatly assembled in the appropriate positions and remain that way throughout your devices life.

This repair can typically be completed within 20-30 minutes with a moderate level of skill required for completion.

Kit Includes:
•1 Replacement Home Button Flex Cable
•1 Set of Replacement Adhesive

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