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iPhone 5C Small Parts

iPhone 5C Small Parts

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The iPhone 5C small parts set we provide consist of all the necessary internal components for your device. Seeing as the majority of internal parts are almost at microscopic sizes, it is considered normal to be losing parts on a regular basis. From a range of clips to covers, our small parts set will provide you with a great set of original replaceable parts as well as the option to stock up on spares for any future needs, ensuring you can fulfil your repairs on time.

Kit Includes:
•21 Small Parts ( metal home button holder, speaker earpiece metal plate, switch off/on spring pin, mute button retaining bracket, volume button metal bracket, 2pcs screen locking plate 21.5mm, screen locking plate 16mm, power button bracket, vibrator bracket, antenna feed line bracket, back camera bracket, screen flex connector bracket, battery connector bracket, flashlight bracket, lightning flex connector bracket, nano SIM card snap spring silver, earpiece anti-dust cover rubber gasket, loudspeaker anti-dust cover, MIC anti-dust cover, and rear microphone bracket)

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