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iPhone 4S Replacement Screen ( Original LCD )

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SKU: LPF-000221

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A cracked  iPhone 4S can be a constant nuisance, not only due to its physical imperfections but also its impact on the devices usability. The process of getting a replacement is usually fraught with endless complications, but this is no longer the case. Our  iPhone 4S replacement screens provide those with a low cost opportunity to repair their mobile phones whilst being assured a durable and long lasting product resistant to scratches and cracks.

These iPhone 4S replacement screens represent a great alternative with the combination of a recycled original LCD and the highest copy version of corning glass available. The two come together to provide the same touch, feel and performance as the original screen as well as ensuring your phone is restored back to its proper form. 

Kit Includes:
•1 Replacement iPhone 4S Replacement Screen ( Original LCD )
•1 Set of Replacement Adhesive

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