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iPad Mini Digitizer Touchscreen Assembly + IC Connector ( Full Original )

iPad Mini Digitizer Touchscreen Assembly + IC Connector ( Full Original )

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The tragedy of what it is to crack your iPad can be a painful experience due to not only its ability to deem your device useless, but also for the many aesthetic reasons we buy Apple devices.

Thankfully, due to the LCD and digitizer not being integrated, as is the case with other devices, a simple replacement of the glass digitizer is all that’s required.Better yet, if the two happen to be damaged the ability to pair the two parts come hand in hand.

That’s why we provide full original digitizer touchscreen assemblies that come complete with the required IC connector, which can restore normality back to your iPad and even provide the option for some customizing with both a black and white option being made available. Being a full original replacement part, you can be guaranteed to experience the same feel, touch and performance of its forgotten predecessor.

Kit Includes:

•1 iPad Mini Digitizer Touchscreen Assembly + IC Connector (Full Original)
•1 iPad Mini Home button + Flex
•1 iPad Mini Adhesive

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