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iPhone 7 Ear Speaker Repair Kit - Includes iPhone 7 Ear Speaker & Tools

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SKU: LPF-200916

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This repair kit comprises everything you could possibly need in order to replace the ear speaker on your iPhone 7. Not only will you receive one ‘Grade A’ ear speaker replacement, but an additional combination of specifically designed tools to ensure a safe removal of all components whilst adding to the ease of your ‘DIY’ repair. As an added bonus we have provided the option to choose between our pro and micro kits dependent on whether this is a one-time repair or an extensive set of prolonged repairs.

This repair can typically be completed within 15 - 20 minutes.

Kit Includes:
• 1 iPhone 7 Ear Speaker ( Grade A )
• 1 Tri Point Screw Driver
• 1 Phillips Screw Driver
• 1 Suction Cup
• 1 Flat metal Spudger
• 1 Nylon Spudger

All kits are assembled in Australia with  by qualified technicians.

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