iPhone 5 DIY Repair Kits

These iPhone 5 repair kits comprises everything you could possibly need in one easy bundle to ensure a stress free repair. With the once ‘impossible’ task of ‘DIY’ repairs now being incorporated into society as a much desired money saving skill, the access to a complete set of tools is imperative for success. Seeing as they provide the basis for a repair to even occur, it would be considered foolish to attempt a repair without them, but the task of finding each and every individual tool can be one that is not only time consuming but difficult for the common consumer.

That is not the case with our repair kits, which comprise your much needed replacement parts as well as an additional set of specially designed tools that will allow for a safe removal of all internal components. Ranging from a set of specific screwdrivers to a sim card remover tool, in case you lost the original one, there are also multiple spudgers to assist with careful removal of certain integral pieces. With most people reluctant to even attempt a repair simply due to the nightmare of further damage being applied, the repair kit has been designed simply to aid with our step by step video guides.

Should you proceed to follow each step as shown, then you can expect to have your device back up and running within no time for a fraction of the cost, thus allowing you to completely avoid time wasting and confusion involved with arranging warranty replacements, or even specialised technicians. Therefore, the repair kit allows you to combine all you need within one simple package which in turn will allow you to develop a new set of valuable skills that can be transferred on to others. As an added bonus, we have given customers the opportunity to choose between our pro and micro kits dependent on whether this is a one-time repair or an extensive set of prolonged repairs. 

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