Almost any wholesaler in Australia will tell you that although the parts or products they provide are generally reliable, there will inevitably be a very small percentage of defective parts that slip through the cracks.  Almost any wholesaler…


Well, we’re not just any wholesaler.  When you buy from us, you’ll get tested iPhone parts.  Factory tested?  No.  We test them ourselves.  Every one of them?  Yes, each and every one of them right here in Australia.


You see, we know how frustrating it is to be that one in a thousand customers to get a defective part.  It’s frustrating, disruptive, and frankly inexcusable.  We also know what it’s like for a technician to get a part that doesn’t work.  Even though it’s not the technician’s fault, it reflects terribly on them, leaving them with the dissatisfaction that they were unable to satisfy their customer and, in all likelihood, one less customer for years to come.


You know that “inevitably” we used above?  Well, we avoid it.  Because we sell only tested iPhone parts that we have checked out for ourselves, we’re confident in saying that you’ll never get a part that doesn’t work as it’s supposed to from us.


Now how many other wholesalers can make that kind of a claim?  Defective parts may never have been your fault before, but now that you know you have an option to buy only tested iPhone parts, you can’t make that claim anymore.