Have you ever paid for replacement parts, waited for them to be delivered, and spent time on the replacement itself only to find out that the parts didn’t work?  If so, you know just how frustrating that can be, especially if it was something important.  Why, then would you risk having that happen with the new parts of your Apple devices?


At Logic Fix, we understand just how frustrating it can be not to have the devices on which you rely so heavily working properly.  Whether you need your iPod to motivate you through your daily workout routine, your iPad for an important presentation, or your iPhone, where you have all of your important contacts stored, you have your technology for a reason.  You can’t afford to be without them any longer than necessary.


In spite of this, many wholesalers fail to test the parts that they send to consumers.  There are two reasons for this, neither of which is a reasonable excuse.  The first is that they count on all of the parts that they receive to be in working order.  To be sure, the overwhelming majority of them are.  As a consumer, though, you’re not buying “the overwhelming majority” of parts.  You’re buying one (or a few).  You don’t care if “the overwhelming majority” of parts that the wholesaler has work, just that the one you receive does.


The other reason that most wholesalers don’t test the products is that doing so is time consuming.  Sure, testing one part doesn’t take too long, but testing all parts is a chore.  They determine that conducting testing on every part they sell is a money pit for them because so few parts out of so many don’t work properly.


We disagree.  We are committed to ensuring that every part we sell works as well as the original.  That is why we take the time to test each and every part that we send out.  Yes, that takes time and effort, but we believe that you, the consumer, is worth it.


When we take an order, we’re not playing a numbers game in which we ignore the possibility of losing a few customers because we provide them with parts that don’t work.  We want to serve every customer that comes to us gets high quality parts that work as though they just left the factory.  We want you completely satisfied so that you come to us any time that a part on one of your Apple devices fails.


Try us out.  We’re certain that you’ll be a customer for life.


Prav Fernando (Public Relations Manager)