The speaker on your iPhone is covered with a dust mesh that keep foreign objects out of your speaker, allowing it to perform at a high level.  If you love your phone and are not interested in an upgrade, there may come a time when the dust mesh needs to be changed.  The people at Apple would have you believe that it is necessary to disassemble the entire iPhone to do this, but there is an easier way.  And not only is this method easy and fast, it will save you some of your hard-earned cash.


Here is a list of the iPhone repair accessories you will need to do the job:


  • tweezers
  • utility scissors
  • spudger
  • metal ruler
  • knife


This is one do-it-yourself project where you will not have to buy iPhone parts as you will need to make your own or Buy the part here.  Buy some stainless steel mesh from your local hardware store, and cut a piece to fit your iPhone using a tea filter.  You will want to cut to dimensions of 3 X 9 millimeters.


Now using the plastic tip, fold the mesh piece long ways.  Now use the tweezers to insert the mesh into the hole that is located right about your iPhone speaker.  Using the plastic tip, work the mesh around until you have it in place.


You may find that some of the original models of the iPhone also have a cloth mesh that goes behind the metal mesh.  This helps to keep very fine particles out of the speaker.  So if you have an iPhone that has this, you will want to use a porous fabric such as cotton to cut out a mesh piece in a similar fashion to the way you did the metal mesh.  And you will want to insert the cloth mesh before you do the metal mesh.


Now once you are finished, you have now ensured that you will hear beautiful sounds from your iPhone for some time to come.  You have also saved yourself some money, as a certified Apple repair specialist charges quite a bit of money to completely tear your iPhone apart and change out either the metal mesh, the cloth mesh, or both.