Rumors have been suggesting the new iPhone 6 for months, but it is all but confirmed to be here soon, probably on September 9th, but what can we expect from the latest iteration of Apple’s bestselling phone?  Well, ‘more of the same’ is the obvious answer, as that has been the result of every upgrade, however this is likely to be ‘more of the same’ and then some.

Traditionally, there have been two types of iPhone upgrade, the switch to the ‘S’ model, which keeps the same exterior mostly and upgrades the internals, and the switch between numbers, which usually seems a change in design. Unless Apple are planning on upsetting a fair few of their die-hard fans, the move to iPhone 6 should see a change of the exterior, and the case manufacturers over eagerness to get their products out first means we know this is in fact true.

There are two versions of it coming, with different sized screens, the base iPhone 6 with a 4.7 inch screen, and a second, larger phone that has a screen somewhere around the 5.5 inch range. In both cases, the new phones are noticeable slimmer than previous iPhones. Size isn’t everything of course, and along with a larger screen will be a higher resolution to match, ensuring the Retina branding and dpi levels stay consistent.

Keeping all of that safe will be the new Sapphire glass screen, so tough it registers one below diamond on the material analysis tests for hardness, and there are reports of it surviving any attempt to scratch it or damage it, even with a knife! And speaking of keeping it all safe, the metal body remains, although as noted thinner again this time, and taking its lead from the iPod Nano possibly, available in several colors.

With a likely larger battery and the expected processing power upgrades as well, it would seem the iPhone 6 is a desirable proposition, but is it enough to tempt you from your existing phone?