Let me guess, you broke your iPhone 5 screen, right?

 You are not the only one in the world that has managed to break their iPhone 5 screen, OK? Stop thinking about that. There are many other people who have broken their iPhone 5 screen into many shards of glass. You are not the only one who slipped their precious love through their fingers and watched the following scene like movie played in slow-motion, seeing every step of your iPhone 5 as it fell to the ground. As your iPhone inevitably landed with its belly down, you couldn’t believe that your piece of art became a piece of plastic and glass shards so easily. Your brain is invaded by an army of thoughts. “Oh my God!” “Am I dreaming?” “How can I be that stupid?!” “I have to buy a new phone now!” Wow, calm down! Who told you that? You don’t have to buy a new iPhone 5. Your broken iPhone still loves you, no matter how many bad words it heard after it fell down All it’s asking for is a new screen.

 There is a lot of confusion about how to repair an iPhone 5 screen. There is also some important information that is left out from the iPhone 5 screen replacement process. We are here to get your head straight about what you should know in order to get your baby back with a new and shiny face.


Let’s start by throwing out some definitions:

 1. The touch-screen, officially named the Digitizer, is the part of your baby that you stroke, the shiny and silky piece of glass that immediately recognizes your finger. The touch-screen is an electronic visual display that the user controls through multi-touch or simple gestures. By simply touching its screen with a special pen the touch-screen allows the user to directly interact with what is displayed, without using a touchpad, mouse or any other kind of intermediate device. Touch-screens are common in devices such as tablets, computers, game consoles, and your iPhone 5. Touch-screens also play a prominent role in digital appliance design, as satellite navigation devices, video games, mobile phones and even some books.

The touch-screen is the top glass of your iPhone 5.

 2. The liquid crystal display, also known as LCD, is the display that shows you your “selfies” made with your girlfriend and the games you play. The LCD is directly located under the touch-screen. It is a letters, numbers and images display device. It consists of an array of liquid cells that become opaque or change color under the influence of an electrical field. The physical phenomenon is explained by the property of liquid crystals that influence the polarization direction of the light when they are put under a certain level of voltage. The crystals display themselves and do not produce light, and they have very low energy consumption. An LCD display is electronically controlled by a decoder of numerical and alphabetical characters. Here is a great explanation of how LCD’s work.

 What happens most of the time when you drop your iPhone 5 is that your touch-screen’s glass shatters, so that means that your baby might still be alive, but it is not going to “breathe” very well. OK, so now that we have cleared some of the foggy clouds, let’s bring in the more difficult parts.

Both the LCD screen and the touch-screen on the iPhone 5 have been fused together during the manufacturing process and the iPhone 4’s screen design was also the same.

So, why should you care about this and what exactly does it mean? The confusion rules the marketplace because you are going to find many cheap iPhone 5 screen replacement offers that bring you LCDs or Digitizers that are sold as a piece over the marketplace from people that live in little villages in Asia. And because you read this article and you are now educated on this subject, we both know that these parts sold separately are, and please read this part aloud: worthless…completely worthless. So yes, folks, across this wonderful land, an iPhone user that is very excited has bought a cheap Digitizer or LCD from eBay, and surprisingly still thinks that the deal they made was a very good one, and they are just going to try to repair their iPhone 5 display themselves.

That person has got only few minutes left of his glory before the truth shows up in his face as he starts to wipe away his tears. He has been scammed, or tricked, or whatever you want. So let me repeat, it is completely worthless. There is no way to remove from the iPhone 5’s Digitizer the LCD as an end-user. You need an iPhone 5 screen-replacement pack that contains the frame plus the digitizer and a LCD screen, known as a “Complete Assembly.”

So yeah… that means your iPhone 5 screen replacement costs a little bit more that the iPhone 4’s screen replacement, but you should really think about the money that you would save by replacing the screen and not buying a new phone, since you know that it is… well, you know, we don’t have to remind you the value as you are now an iPhone 5 user that is fully educated. So? Go ahead and buy your baby an iPhone 5 replacement screen.


                                                                        Here is a very helpful guide on how to repair your iPhone 5 screen.