Your iPhone is an integral part of your life, and when it is not working it is enough to drive even the most sane bloke crazy.  It can help to have your own iPhone 4 repair kit, but sometimes a few simple steps can get the job done for you in short order.


If your iPhone is running slow, or you notice some of your favorite apps are crashing, there are a few simple steps you should take before you start considering the option to buy iPhone parts.  Just like a Windows operating system, sometimes the best option is to reset the phone in the following manner:


  • go to settings>general>reset


Once at this point, you have a few options, and what you do will depend on the symptoms your phone is exhibiting.  If your iPhone is merely running slow, you will want to reset your handset via the “Reset All Settings” option. 


If the problem is a bit more serious, such as freezing up on you, you will want to do a hard reboot to fix the problem.  To perform this function, press the “Home” button and the “Power” button at the same time, and hold them for at least 10 seconds.  Once you see the logo of the Apple Company, you may release both buttons.  If your iPhone does not reboot, you may want to explore the possibility to buy iPhone parts Australia makers only.