So, you have gone and broken your iPhone 4’s screen, and now you are probably wondering what on earth you will do with yourself. An iPhone is so much more than a phone – everyone who owns one knows that, all too well. They become a part of your life; it seems as though your trendy, ever-so-useful smartphone is a part of you. And now you need an iPhone 4 replacement screen, or you might even have to buy a whole new phone.


When you have broken your iPhone, you have several options:


  1.  Pay for Apple to repair it, for nearly hundreds of dollars.
  2.  Pay a third-party company to repair your screen, for as little as $100 or so.
  3.  Buy an iPhone screen repair kit, ranging for just $10 to over $50.


Why is there such a huge difference in price between option one and option three? If you allow yourself to decide, based purely on cost, you might not be happy with what you receive. Remember that people usually only sell something for what it is worth.

 If you check out some of the cheap iPhone screen replacement kits online – really look at what is included – you be a little disturbed. Some of the iPhone repair kits are missing crucial tools and components, making them practically useless, unless you then buy even more.

 Paying for someone else for iPhone repair might seem like the best solution. If you absolutely must have the manufacturer repair your phone, hopefully you have plenty of money to spend, because Apple charges a hefty fee for repairing their products. However, going to a cheaper vendor might be a waste of money, as many people lack the necessary skills, and experience, to repair electronics.

 If you are willing to do a little research, and you have somewhat of an idea about how to fix things, it is probably wise to buy a mid-priced iPhone 4 screen kit, and fix your phone. If you are lucky, you might know a friend, or relative, who can do the job for you. Be sure that you order the right kit for your phone, or you will need to make a second purchase.

 Before you try to fix your iPhone’s broken screen, watch some videos, and read some guides. Your kit – hopefully – came with thorough instructions, so you need to read those as well. Once you are fully prepared, and you have everything you need, it is time to fix your phone. Good luck!