Wearable tech has come a long way recently, and smartwatches have been coming out of the woodwork, it is unlike Apple to ignore such a market, and it would seem that they haven’t. The iWatch is imminent, and is likely to appear sometime around the debut of the new iPhone 6, but what is it?


The iWatch is an iOS 8 device that links with your other iOS devices to deliver notifications and modified apps to your wrist. The idea is that you leave your iPad in your bag, or the iPhone in your pocket, and your communication notifications are broadcast to the iWatch for you to see without touching the main device. In addition, like competing android smartwatches, it will contain biometric sensors that can be used in combination with health and fitness apps to track calories burned, activity levels, sleep patterns and so on, which ties in with the announced Apple Healthkit that is due this fall.


Although none have been seen out in the wild yet, it is expected to have a curved display, and be a little less ‘watch-like’ that the offerings we have seen so far from the Android camp, and more like a snap bracelet. With Siri built into the device, you will be able to send texts, post status updates on social media and perform local searches with just voice commands, adding to its usefulness.


Whilst a lot of this may seem gimmicky to begin with, being able to dismiss a call without having to get your phone out, or check for an important message without staring constantly at your phone is itself a tangible benefit to your phone use, the rest will come. As with any new technology, once we get used to it, we will all wonder how we managed without our smartwatches on our wrists.


The question is, will yours be an iWatch?