If there is one single gadget that epitomizes the rise of the smartphone, it is without question the iPhone. Although criticism can be laid at Apple’s door for the endless and often ridiculously short period between upgraded models, there is no question that the iPhone iterations very accurately reflect the tech we have come to expect in our gadgets today. Of course, all this comes at a price, and this can be a problem if yours falls out of warranty or if you damage it yourself. Replacing your beloved iPhone can be a very expensive business indeed, but as ever, if there is a need, someone, or in this case , hundreds of people, will try to meet that need for you, for a price of course.

IPhone parts for repairs are now big business, with everything from new batteries to complete screens and chassis being available to be bought in order to restore that well used iPhone back to its best. Unless you are still rocking one of the originals, for which parts are not so readily available, it doesn’t even matter which model you have. From the iPhone 2 to the iPhone 5, you can find all the iPhone parts you need to restore your electronic tie to the world to its former glory.

There is more to this though, buying a new screen and chassis sounds like a great idea, but what do you do when you have them? Can you actually fit them yourself and repair the phone? In this brave new world of keeping gadgets you can’t afford to replace alive, the internet comes to the rescue yet again! On YouTube there are whole channels dedicated to instructing you on precisely how to perform surgery on your iPhone, so you now have the iPhone parts, you have seen the knowledge performed and you are full of confidence! But before you take that screwdriver to your iPhone, there are other options.

First off is the obvious, a professional repair service, these have sprung up to meet the need and with older iPhones well out of warranty, the cheaper option than returning to Apple. For those who feel a little intimidated by seeing the innards of their iPhone, this can be a really good option, competition and the availability of the iPhone parts today has made it a comparatively cheap way of getting an iPhone up and running again. This option can be quick, easy and much, much less stressful than those who buy their own iPhone parts and go the DIY route, but for the budget conscious or just those who want to get inside their iPhones, there is even more choice.

Why settle for just replacing the basic iPhone parts and having the repaired one look just the same as it did before? This was a question asked by some parts suppliers, and the result is upgraded iPhone parts. Now you can have your iPhone in all sorts of colors, extra bits and as much customization as you can ever think of, you won’t just have a repaired iPhone, you can have a completely unique one as well.

Not all iPhone parts purchases need to be overhauls of broken iPhones of course, by far the biggest sellers are replacement batteries, which tend to be the thing that lets down the phones as they age, as good as they are, batteries still have a shelf life and after enough charges just lose the ability to hold enough power. The good news is that they are an easy replacement, and with batteries available for all models, even the iPhone 1, there is no excuse for discarding the old unreliable and moving on to something new, you can keep that iPhone alive forever!

There is no doubt that iPhones are a must have gadget for many, and now with the ability to keep older models going and even completely transform them into unique looking phones, even those on a budget can join the iPhone club.