In this video we will show you how to perform a couple of tests to differentiate an iPhone original screen to a high copy screen.

The first and most important test to perform when testing for screen quality is to test the glass,

The two types of glass our company source are called corning and High Quality, with corning glass being the original and the high copy being a copy version of the corning glass.

To test for corning glass we have poured a droplet of water onto the top of both the corning and high copy glass,

First we will test the corning glass, notice how while we are tilting the screen the  water is beading up and moving without leaving any traces of water behind. This is because corning glass is a chemically strengthened glass with the ability to repel water.

Now we will test the High copy glass and notice how while we are tilting the glass , although the water is beading up , it is leaving  traces of water behind, this is because the high copy version uses a lesser form of corning glass.

We can find out the quality of an lcd by observing the back of an iPhone screen

An original lcd will most likely have grey lettering on the back while a high copy version will have white lettering at the back.

An original lcd will most likely also have scratch marks on the back of the panel whilst a high copy version will be fully black.