What Tools and Parts You'll Need


You will need the following parts to this job:


  • Phillips #000 screwdriver
  • plastic opening tools
  • 5-point Pentalobe screwdriver


You will also need some iPhone spare parts including the rear camera. (The Replacement Camera Can be Found Here).



How To Do It


First, ensure that your phone is powered off.  Now use either your Phillips or Pentalobe screwdriver to remove the screws on the bottom of the unit.  Now push the back panel up and it will slide right off.  If not, pinch the panel and lift it away or use a suction cup.


Next start to remove the battery that is held with a single Phillips screw.  Some batteries have may two screws.  Now use one of your plastic opening tools to pry the battery connector from the socket that connects it to the logic board.  There is a metal clip covering the antenna connector, and it must also be removed. 


Now using the clear plastic tab that should be part of your iPhone tool kit, and use it to gingerly lift the battery from the phone.  Now there are five screws that hold the connector cover to the iPhone, and it may take several screwdrivers to do the job.  So if you do not have them, you may have to buy iPhone parts or buy an iPhone 4 repair kit ( tools for this repair can be found Here) to do this step.


Now use one of your plastic opening tools, to get the top edge of the connector cover off of the logic board.  Use only the tip of this tool to get the retainer clips of the connector cover away from the frame of the iPhone.  Now you are free to remove the connector cover.


You will again need your plastic opening tools to remove the rear camera connector from its socket.  Now you can remove the rear camera and insert the new one.


To reassemble your iPhone, simple do all of these steps in reverse.  Now you'll have a rear camera that can take pics just like a brand new model and you have saved yourself a good chunk of change in the process.