If you are like most people, you have dropped your expensive smartphone in the toilet, or gotten it wet on some goofy form or fashion.  Some people leave it in a pocket and then are quite shocked to find it after it has been through the washer.  The good thing is all is not lost, as there steps you can take to bring your smartphone back to life without even using spare iPhone parts.  Here are the steps you need to take:


  • Remove the battery


It is not enough to merely switch your phone off.  Removing the battery will stop the flow of current to the motherboard and prevent any further damage. 


  • Take your phone apart


Be very careful in this.  To get some references for your specific model of smartphone, look on Youtube for instructional videos.  You will also need a screwdriver and you may need a few special tools. You can find all the tools needed for this repair here.


  • Find the circuit board and dry it completely


There are two good ways to get this done.  You can leave it to dry in the direct sunlight.  If is happens to be cloudy day, you can use a hair dryer.  If the circuit board is obviously shorted out beyond repair, there are many iPhone parts Australia dealers that may be able to get a replacement for you.  Above all, you must make sure the circuit board is completely dry before you put the phone back together.


  • Dry everything else in the phone


Dry every single component on the inside of the phone before you attempt to put it back together.


  • Clean the circuit board


If you managed to salvage the circuit board, now it needs to be cleaned once it is dry.  Use a brush with alcohol to do it as this will prevent corrosion on the PCB.

 Once you have done all of the above, it is time to put your iPhone back together and give it a try.  If your iPhone comes on and is operational, consider yourself very lucky and in the future, try and avoid getting water anywhere near it.