A smartphone is not just convenient and fun for people to have, many people use them as part of their business and are lost without them.  Having the right iPhone repair accessories and some spare iPhone parts can save you some money, but you should be aware that cracking open your phone may void your warranty.


The Essential Tools of the Trade


It does not matter what kind of smartphone you have, there are certain tools that work on almost all of them, and that is why you should have them.


  • A screwdriver kit


Smartphones have a large number of tiny screws that hold it all together.  As such, you will need a screwdriver kit that has some tools that are not the type you are likely to have laying around in your garage.  To find the needed Repair Tools that you will need, go on the internet, or click here, to go to the tools section on our website, where you can buy all of the specialized screw heads and drivers that you will need to do the job.


  • Specialized screw heads


Some of the newest versions of the iPhones are different from most other smartphones, as they use a special set of screws that cannot be worked on with standard sets.  Apple really does this to keep people from making repairs that are not authorized.  But you will not have to look far to find tools designed to open the latest iPhones. 


  • Pry tools


Pry tools can be used to fix a cracked or broken iPhone screen, and they should be part of your tool kit.  It should be made of plastic, and that is another item you can easily find within our website here .  They are very inexpensive and they can be used to pry apart iPhone parts that are pressed together. 


Once you have assembled this special tool kit, you are ready to do your own smartphone repair.