Over time, the home button of the iPhone 4 can become unresponsive.  Some people have gotten around this problem by using WD-40, but you should know this can be hazardous since the contacts should never be touched with liquid.  To repair the home button yourself, use the following procedures.


Tools you will need to do the job:


  • Pentalobe screwdriver
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • tweezers
  • SIM card eject tool
  • plastic opening tools
  • spudger


If you do not have some of theses tools, you can order them from an iPhone 4 parts Australia dealer online ( These Tools can be baught from our store! here ), or get them from most Apple stores.  To get started, use your fingernail or an iPod opening tool to lift up the retainer of the home button ribbon cable. Now take the pair of tweezers you have and pull the ribbon cable from its socket.


Now you must de-route the ribbon cable of the home button through the inner part of the case of the iPhone.  A really thin blade will then be required to peel off the plastic film off of the back of the button.  Use some cotton buds and white spirit to clean off what should look like greenish oxide on the back of the home button's contacts and the steel cap inside.


When you begin to put your iPhone back together, you will have to align the steel cap in the center of the copper contact ring.  You will also have to place to the plastic sticker in its cavity on the back of the button. 


Now you will need to press the sticker into place, and do not worry if it does not seem to stick all of the way around.  Since it is under glass its details will be kept firmly in place.  Now do the steps you did in order to take the iPhone apart in reverse to reassemble the unit. 


Now power up your iPhone and see if your home button works as good as new.  If it does you have fixed the problem without the expense of having to buy spare iPhone parts, as well as the expense that would have been incurred by taking it to a certified Apple repairman.


Also Just in case cleaning the button membrane did not work out , you can simply buy the part here and completely replace the button membrane.