The lithium-ion battery that powers your iPhone 4 is designed to last through 400 charge cycles before it loses about 20% of its capacity.  But of course, these things can vary both ways.  But when your phone is nearing two years of age, chances are it is ready for a new battery.  The folks at Apple will tell you that the battery cannot be replaced by the user, but that is not completely true.  When this version of the iPhone was released back in June of 2010, it was hard to find an iPhone 4 repair kit that was capable of removing the five-point Pentalobe screws.  That is no longer the case today.


But if you want to keep the $80 fee iPhone repair accessories dealers charge for putting in a new battery, you need to know you need only remove three screws to replace the battery, and all you need to do it is a Pentalobe screwdriver and a small flathead screwdriver , these can be found in our store here


You can find video guides on Youtube to help you, but the entire operation is simple.  Remove the two Pentalobe screws on the bottom of the phone first.  Then slide the back panel up and lift it off.  Now remove one screw and carefully pry out the battery connector.  The battery is seated with a light adhesive and can be removed rather easily.  Now you can put it the new battery you acquired from a iPhone parts Australia dealer (We sell this too! Click here) and do the process you used to take it apart in reverse.


If you do not mind taking a few minutes of your time, you can actually save yourself some cash, you'll just need the right tool and a little patience.