Apple caused rejoin among avid fans a few days ago, as they officially unveiled their wearable smart-device, the Apple Watch. Naturally, many people expected the manufacturer to name their new wearable the “iWatch”, and who could blame them? Taking a surprising turn, Apple decided to use their apple logo, simply followed by the word “Watch”, in place of their trademark naming style.

 Naturally, the Apple Watch is not designed with pure functionality in mind. As with all of the company’s devices, looks and style are at least as much of a consideration as practicality. However, that is certainly not to say that the device will be nonfunctional.

 The Apple Watch will be sold in 38mm (1.5 inches) and 42mm sizes (1.7 inches), and there will be six different choices of case material, as well as six interchangeable types of bands. Apple seems to want to ensure that users can wear the Apple Watch in any situation, and with a range of different fashion styles. Contradicting their usual “one size fits all” style of marketing, Apple has worked to ensure that their new smartwatch will appeal to a variety of different tastes.

 How much is the new Apple Watch going to cost? When it is released, in early 2015, the prices will begin at $349. iPhones and iPhone parts typically cost above average in the market, so this is not surprise.

 What about the watch’s screen? Depending what model you choose, your Apple Watch will have either a flexible sapphire display, or an ion-strengthened display. As many of us expected, the watches will all include HD Retina screens, giving high resolution, although resolution should not be an issue on such a small screen size. Breaking with the tradition of their smartphones, Apple is including an NFC chip on the wearables, and this will work with the company’s new mobile payment system.

 How about the actual interface? Apple has put a lot of thought into the end-user experience, and created an interface they believe is simple to use, and easy to learn. In keeping with unique iPhone parts, the system revolves around the “Digital Crown”, on the right of the watch’s body. This can be turned to conveniently access elements, as well as to zoom and scroll. This is a bold choice, considering that most smart watches have chosen to stick with button-based interfaces. Time will only tell how well this is adapted by users. However, there is little doubt that the upcoming Apple Watch is going to make a big splash in the market, whether it is good, or bad.