WPAUS was first established in 2011, with the sole purpose of providing premium quality replacement parts not only for businesses to cater for their repair services, but also for the average joe looking to take on their own DIY repairs. Beginning as repair technicians, initially operating out of our very own bedrooms, we were quick to notice the lack of quality replacement parts available to consumers, as well as the ridiculous prices for the high quality goods that were indeed available. It became a persistent problem amongst many customers who had either come out worse off from the high influx of cheap copied parts in the market, or had simply given in to the ridiculous prices the global giants offer. Over the years, we witnessed countless people completely neglect repairing their phones as they had simply endured enough pain and hardship trying to find a quick and simple resolution. Even though we were simply repairing phones, it was hard to sit back and watch time after time, the same problems occur within our very own eyes. 


It is these very encounters which led us to ultimately spend the next couple of years linking with suppliers who could bring the best of both worlds together and provide the best possible parts at the best possible prices. As a result of this time and effort, we strongly believe that we have finally been able to make the link between the best possible premium replacement parts and most importantly the low prices that others have failed to achieve. This has in turn led to the wide range of replacement parts that we offer which primarily consist of not only the best “Grade A copies” on the market, but also full original parts which match that of your existing components. Although we were successful in being able to string together an assortment of premium parts at low prices, we weren’t finished there. 


If the last few years operating as technicians had taught us anything, it was that the tools used during repairs were essentially just as important as the very parts. So yet again we wanted to make sure that the tools we provide not only yield the premium quality we strive for, but of course the essential low prices. From this pursuit, we were then subsequently struck upon the need for repair kits which match not only the best parts, but also the best tools to give those first timers the package to bring about a successful repair. From these breakthroughs it is then clear to see the flow on effects that we have experienced as a result of our consistent dedication to better ourselves and it is with these enlightening experiences that we now feel that our products have given rise to a new stream of low cost ‘premium’ parts, as well as tools and accessories at the best possible prices.


However, we have witnessed the growing advancements in technology as well as the corresponding rise in DIY repairs, and so we are constantly striving for perfection in this ever-changing market, whether it is in the support we provide or the parts we offer. It is due to this quest for perfection that you can expect to see a range of further improvements from us in the near future, as we set out to find more interesting ways of easing the stress and confusion of your repairs whilst ensuring that businesses are able to cater for their large demands. So rather than confuse people with technological jargon and confusing guides, you can expect a warm welcome from the WPAUS team who strive to make your purchases as easy as possible providing help along every step of the way.


Since our inaugural introduction in 2011, we have provided over 100,000 parts to 24 countries around the world, with a large client base that continues to grow on a daily basis and we hope you too can one day become a part of this global venture. 

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